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We cosleep. This wasn’t the plan necessarily, but it also wasn’t not the plan. We’re solidly Team Whatever Works, which depends on the kid, the day, how everyone’s feeling, and a billion other things. Cosleeping just works for us and Oliver.

Recently though I feel like we’re sharing our bed with a burgeoning acrobat! Tonight he’s hell-bent on sleeping with his feet on me – my stomach, chest, or head. How is this comfortable?!

One day though I know he’s not going to want to sleep in Mama and Daddy’s bed, so I try to cherish these little moments. I love his sweet snuggles and snores. So I’ll take the occasional kick to the head. 😉

Terrible Twos

We’re going through a few huge milestones as a family right now. We’re almost (so close, really!) finished with our house remodel. Hubby and I both have been doing CrossFit for a few months now, and we’re really noticing some wonderful changes. We’ve been talking about maybe trying for another baby by the end of this year. And our sweet, darling Oliver is turning two in just 4 days.


Somehow he got the memo that being two brings about expectations of him being terrible, so he’s decided to express those behaviors early. 🙄 Give Mama a break, kiddo.

In the last week he’s started throwing toys and fits, hitting dogs and people, blatantly doing the exact opposite of we tell him, and not sleeping. Every 5 minutes we’re getting him out of something he shouldn’t be in, or taking something away, or dodging a miniature tractor flying through the air.

On top of that, he’s decided suddenly that he cannot sleep without Mom’s boob planted securely in his mouth. This is problematic for Mom, as you can imagine, as logistically it’s hard to sleep like that and psychologically oh my God kid you were sleeping just fine without me a week ago what the hell is happening?!?

I know this phase will pass, as have all the others, but it’s so hard when you’re in it. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have his own room right now. It doesn’t help that we are so close to being finished with our remodel we can almost taste it, but we still have a to-do list several items and at least a few weeks long. It doesn’t help that the world has its own stressors we’re also dealing with. It doesn’t help that we’re on day 5 of this and holy cats I just want to go to bed now and sleep for 12 hours. It doesn’t help that normally he is such a sweet, easygoing kid, so it makes these trying times even more frustrating.

But I just got him down for a nap and successfully left the room without waking him up. I’m going to eat a cookie and drink some water and take an Advil, and I’ll be good to go when he wakes up. Because he is my sweet boy, and I love him more than anything.