Last June, Jác and I attended a BYOBeard Art Show, hosted by the Pump Project Art Complex.


The whole idea was to bring your own beard to the show, which was full of beard-related art. The show was fabulous. There was great music, delicious beer, and some fabulous beard art. Jác and I bought 2 prints – one of Bill Murray as Captain Steve Zissou, and the other a stylized beard and mustache that just screams Austin to us.

While Jác already had an impressive beard on his own, I was in dire need of one. What to do? Knit one of course!

I used the Mountain Man bearded hat pattern as a visual guide, but this really is my own creation. I used size 10 needles, only cast on 31 stitches, made the mouth gap 11 stitches, and just sorta kept holding the beard up to my face and kept knitting and casting off equally on each side to match the lines of my face. I wanted my beard to be even more unruly than my beau’s, so I cut a bunch of yarn strips and tied them on with slip knots. Then I created a mustache by just bunching up 20 or so long strands of yarn, tying the bunch to the beard in 3 places, and then braiding each side. I also decided to go sans hat because it’s hot in Austin in June, so I just created little ties on either side of the beard to go around my ears.

Lessons learned: Beards are hot. Beards make drinking beer difficult. Beards with ear loops eventually hurt your ears. BUT! – Everyone LOVES a girl in a beard! :)

It was so much fun to wear, I even donned it on Halloween as a Bearded Lady.

(Check out my Ravelry Page for more details.)

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