My nephew is obsessed with Minecraft. And for good reason – it’s an awesome game! I knew I wanted to knit him something Minecraft related for Christmas, and these Creeper Gloves just popped into my head one day. They are so simple to make! Just knit up some basic gloves, make a simple Creeper chart (or use mine), duplicate stitch your Creeper, and you’re done!

Creeper Color Chart

First you’ll need a glove pattern. I used the incredibly simple Easy Fingerless Gloves pattern. I knit them up in one evening while catching up on The Blacklist.

Once your gloves are knit, you’ll need to create a color chart for your Creeper. Or you can just use mine. My creeper is 10 stitches wide and 15 stitches tall.

Now use duplicate stitch to create your creeper! Instead of using yarn, I used strands of variegated green embroidery floss (from a multipack of embroidery floss). I used some black yarn scraps for the eyes and mouth.

You can use this process with any 8-bit character! Think about the pixels as if they were stitches. Each pixel is a stitch! Just remember that knit stitches aren’t perfectly square – they’re wider than they are tall – so you may want to add an extra row of “pixels” to make your character taller in your sketch.

If you need help making a color chart, check out my tutorial: How to knit a logo hat. The steps are basically the same.


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