When my fiance and I started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to DIY as much as possible. We’re having a laid back, cookout-style reception on my family’s property, so we decided to go for simple decor in lots of neutrals and select bright, bold colors.

Today I’m going to share with you my love for these simple yet bold 3d Paper Diamonds – or their mathematical term – Octahedrons.


I love simple lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors – so what a better way to decorate than with octahedron garland? I got some inspiration from Pinterest, found a couple octahedron templates to work off of, and ended up creating my own Silhouette template to suit my needs.

My requirements were the following:

  • Easily resizable (so I can use up all my paper scraps!)
  • Easy to fold (needs perforated lines on the creases)
  • Easily customization (to add extra cutouts, if needed)
  • No tape or glue needed!


Using the paper of your choice, cut out your octahedrons.

  • I’m using textured and heavy cardstock, but feel free to try out other paper types.
  • My Silhouette settings are for heavy cardstock, Blade: 5, Speed: 3, Thickness: 33

Pop out your cut octahedrons, then Mountain Fold all the perforated lines.

I’ve labelled each section to help you figure out what goes where. Lay your cut out and folded octahedron so that the “A” side is to your left and the “H” side is to your right.


I suggest starting with the H side of things and working your way toward the A side. Fold the H, G, F, and E sections so they create a bottomless pyramid. Stick the tab from H into the slot of E.


Now work your way around, sticking tabs into slots. Fold Section D down and stick Tab F into the slot. Tab B goes into Slot H. I leave Section A for last so that all I have left is to stick the 2 tabs of A into the slots of D and G.


(If this sounds too confusing, just try it. It will make sense as you’re folding it. Or cut out your octahedron on some scrap paper, label the sections, and try folding it.)

I’ve given you a couple holes at the top to string it with some crochet thread, string, fishing line – whatever you’ve got.

Now that you’ve made your first octahedron, you’ll want to make 100 more! You can do different sizes, papers, and colors. You can customize the file as you wish to add cut out hearts, antlers, or whatever you want! Use watercolor paper and paint them! Use heavy duty cardstock and coat some of them in glitter glue. It’s all up to you!

At the wedding, I plan to use my mini octahedrons for garland at our ceremony space and I’ll hang the bigger ones individually throughout the reception area. I’m going to let our guests take a few home with them as favors. If there are any left, I’ll use them to decorate our Christmas tree!

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