One of our homestead goals this year was getting backyard chickens. There was already an old structure in place that was once used for chickens, then had become a catch-all for 2 or 3 decades. Over a few weeks Hubby and I cleaned it out and reinforced it with chicken wire and scrap wood. It was more work than we’d planned, and we’ll probably build something brand new in the next couple years, but this works for now. Sometimes you’ve just got to DO something and figure out the details later.

In April we were gifted 3 laying hens and a rooster from my aunt and her husband.
IMG_20180513_162914_534 IMG_20180513_162914_527

We love the chickens. I love that my toddler loves feeding and taking care of them. They’re part of our everyday chores, and I’m happy that he’ll be growing up taking care of lots of animals. And we love those eggs!!


Next year our expansion plans include setting up a portable, electric fence in order to let them roam around different parts of the property. Once the garden is done, we’ll let the chickens eat it down, scratch in the soil, and fertilize it as they go. We may have to come up with some creative solutions this winter if it gets as cold as last winter. Currently the chickens are on a slight strike because it’s been so hot. We were getting 3 eggs a day – right now we’re getting 2 or 3 every other day.

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