See, I have this cabinet…

That usually looks like this.

Most of that is yarn. So yesterday I went to Ikea looking for fabric boxes, and failed.Then I came home and found these glorious beer boxes, and had an epiphany.

I cut off the tops and sanded down the glossy texture a bit.

I happened to have fabric hiding in a box that fit just right.

I used the fabric and some magical Modge Podge…

Then I split the fabric at the corners.

At this point, I happened to look over and found my cats were involved in projects of their own.

Tau had cocooned himself in the middle of my giant comforter.

While Yuki was grooming in her suitcase bed.

Back to the boxes! I got tired of glue, so I taped down the edges inside the box.

Then I filled the boxes with yarn!

Wa-la! Not perfect, but a start! What do you think?

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