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Why I love TotalFinder

If you have a Mac, you should download TotalFinder. It’s free to try, $15 to buy, and you’ll wonder why these simple Finder functions aren’t standard. Here’s why I love TotalFinder…

Reason 1: Tabs!

Why is it that only web browsers have tabs? Finder should have tabs, too! This prevents me from having a million Finder windows open at once, floating around on my screen. Whenever I need a new tab, I just click the + button and go to a new place! All my Finder folders are in the same window, easily managed.

Reason 2: Dual Mode

With a simple click of ⌘U, dual mode starts, opening 2 folders side-by-side, allowing you to easily compare and transfer files from one folder to another. Brilliant!

Reason 3: Folders on Top

This is the only thing I’ve missed about using a Windows OS. I like having all folders on the top-most part of my window so that it’s easy to navigate to sub-folders versus when I’m just looking for a file. TotalFinder lets you do that. :)

Reason 4: Cut and Paste

For some reason, Apple doesn’t like cut. They’re perfectly happy with you copy-and-pasting files from one folder to another, but Apple-X just does not work. Until TotalFinder. Now you can cut-and-paste to your heart’s content!

Reason 5: Always Maximize

What exactly is up with the “maximize” button in Finder? You click that little plus button, and you expect your window to maximize to the entire window… except that rarely happens.

Before TotalFinder, regular window:

Before TotalFinder, “maximized” window:

TotalFinder “Always Maximize” option:

Reason 6 and beyond!

There are lots of other options, including a Finder visor, redirecting .ds_store files, and copy the path of any file.

If you have a Mac, definitely try TotalFinder. You can watch a video about TotalFinder, outlining some of its options, too!

And, no, I’m not being sponsored by this company by any means. It’s just kickass software that I think fellow Mac lovers will enjoy.

“sticky keys”

My Macbook started doing this annoying little trick the other day…

Whenever I clicked any of the modifier keys (fn, control, option, or command), they’d display on my monitor and make a little sound effect. And if you held them down too long, they’d “lock” and then you had to hold it down again to “unlock” again.

Annoying. So I looked for a solution on Google. However, any search option I tried was giving me millions of answers to questions I hadn’t asked.

Finally, I found a solution. Sticky Keys. It’s in your system settings. Click on the apple at the top left, then System Properties, then Universal Access, then the Keyboard tab, and turn that damn Sticky Keys option off.