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Brain on Vacation

I’ve knit about 15 of these market bags, it’s the Ilene Bag on Ravelry. I’ve been using Sugarwheel from Hobby Lobby; it’s a soft, colorful yarn that’s perfect for these.

IMG_20180610_101723 copy


Then I switched yarn and lost my mind. I found Sinfonia on clearance for $1.27 and picked up 3 skeins. It’s great! Mercerized cotton, bright colors, clearly durable. It’ll be nice to have some bright solid options, I thought.

But something happened to my brain when I switched yarns, and I CAN NOT figure out how I’ve been finishing this damn thing. I’d made some changes to the handle construction, but after knitting 15 of them, suddenly I can’t remember how I was doing it. I ended the pink bag with a Purl bind off. That clearly wasn’t right, so I frogged it and ended with a Knit bind off. That seemed right, but when I went to add the handle, the bind off was so tight that I knew I’d done something wrong… or maybe it was the yarn? Honestly I don’t know. I gave up trying to figure it out and just made it work, but it’s definitely not like the other 15 I’ve knit. It’ll be fine – no one’s really going to know the difference except me – but I’d like to remember what I was doing.


I’m reopening my Etsy shop. There’s nothing there right now, but I’m hoping to get it up and running this weekend. Or maybe next week. (Update: I listed some things!) Life with a 2-year-old is hard, guys. Anyway, you’ll find lots of these Market Bags and a bunch of other things once I get around to taking pictures and writing up descriptions of them all. I have SO MUCH cute stuff.



OMG. You know what? I’d been knitting the bags top-down! I was casting on at the top and finishing at the bottom, then picking up stitches from the top to add the handle! No wonder it wasn’t feeling right! Sheesh. Mystery solved.




And now I’ve somehow messed up the handle. I swear, this bag started out wrong and is determined to end wrongly. It’s probably because it’s pink. I don’t care for pink, but it was on clearance… I’m going to make it work.

Becoming a Process Knitter

I love Process vs Product Knitting from Knit-Purl discussing different motivations behind knitting (or really creating anything). Product knitters knit for the item itself – the final product is the motivation as it’s something they want to wear or use. Process knitters knit for the knitting itself and are less motivated by what the finished project will be.

I’ve been almost solely a product knitter. I knitted cute hats that I wanted to wear, bags I wanted to take to the beach, and shawls that I envisioned myself wearing but never quite mastered.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been knitting for over 10 years, or maybe it’s because I have a baby now and anything else takes so much more effort, but suddenly I don’t care so much what the end result is – I just want to knit. I have such a big yarn stash, most of it bought for projects I can’t remember, that I just want to get it OUT of my stash and INTO something finished.

This has been such a freeing evolution in my knitting. Because I don’t care what the end result is, I’ve been knitting things I never knit before, learning new techniques, and finding new things to love. Previously, deciding what to do with a few skeins of yarn took hours of searching through Ravelry patterns, hemming and hawing about what something would look like when finished or how it would fit. Now I just make sure I have enough yarn and I cast on! Suddenly knitting is back to being purely enjoyable and relaxing. Knitting is truly self care again.

Consequently, I’m going to have a shit-ton of knitted goods to sell at the Farmers’ Market this fall.